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Past Events, Programs and Symposia

Ellen L. Fleischmann

2017 Spring

"The Birth of Whose Nation? Black and White in America"

"Pirates of the Mediterranean: Sea Bandits and the Making of Modern States"

2016 Fall

"Symposium on Islam and Social Justice"

2016 Spring

"Beyond the Margins: Researching and Teaching the Middle East in Ohio"

"Making Sense of ISIS"

2015 Fall

"The Great War as Cultural Crisis: Race, Religion, and the Ku Klux Klan"

2015 Spring

"Crossing Borders: International Humanitarian and Peace Work During World War I"

"Gender Issues in the the Arab World: The Case of Tunisia"

"UD Night at The Neon"

"Social Dance During the World War Era"

2014 Fall

“International Law, Human Rights and the Politics of Despair”

"Photographing the Egypt-Palestine Front During the Great War"

2014 Spring

"Iraq, Violence, Memory: An Iraqi Voice on the War"

"Let's Go to Guantanamo!" 

Patricia A. Johnson

2013 Spring
Inventing Identity

2011 Fall
Exploring Dayton

2011 Spring
Humanities Education for the 21st Century

Living Traditions

John A. Heitmann

The End or New Beginnings? The Midwest City and the American Automobile Industry in Transition
New Orleans Post-Katrina: Race, Class, and History
2006 Fall
The Fourteenth Annual Symposium
2006 Spring
Humanities: The City and The University

Richard P. Benedum

The Humanities at UD: Scholarship on the Cutting Edge
The College in Concert
Is the Schuster Center Just About the Coolest Place in Dayton, or What?
The Humanities: The Content of Teaching and Learning

Michael H. Barnes

The Two Cultures Revisited: Rationalism and Romanticism in the Humanities and the Sciences
Freedom and Determinism
Identity and Autonomy: The Search for a Worthy Selfhood
Crisis in Criteria: Reconstructing Common Human Ideals of the True, Good, and Beautiful

Eugene R. August

Becoming a Responsible Self: Perspectives on Autonomy and Responsibility
Nature's Infinite Book: Perspectives on Humans and the Cosmos
Telling Stories: Individual, Community, and the American Dream
Faith, Reason, and the Life of the Mind