About Us

    The University of Dayton is currently engaging in a year of exploration and dialogue about what makes us human through "Rites. Rights. Writes." This year our focus is on how we all balance faith and reason in our lives during our year long, University-wide exploration of the influence of the arts across the multiple dimensions - and discourse communities - of our lives.

    Faith & Reason - the origins of humanity?

    Main Events

    Events of the 2014-15 "Rites. Rights. Writes." examine the human need for spirituality in the broader context of academic exploration. A select series of events, on and off campus, embody this year's theme of "Faith & Reason." Musical performances, art exhibitions, lectures, colloquia and conferences will inspire us to reflect on the complex connections of mind and spirit that live within all of us.


    In addition to individual, stand-alone events, the 2014-15 academic year promises an exciting and varied list of events and activities brought together under the themes of these campuswide serial programs: