Guided Discussion and Film: Carandiru

    A Prison Film Series Event; A Dead Man Walking Series Event

    Date: March 20, 2015

    Time: 7:00 pm

    Location: ArtStreet Studio B, located on the 300 block of Kiefaber Street

    Sponsor: Graul Chair in the Arts and Languages; ArtStreet

    Contact:Richard Chenoweth or ArtStreet

    Phone number: 937-229-3955 (Richard Chenoweth); 937-229-5101 (ArtStreet)

    Supporting involvement: Department of Global Languages and Cultures; Department of History; Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work; Human Rights Center

    A discussion led by Percio Castro, Department of Global Languages and Cultures, followed by the film. Carandiru, a 2003 Brazilian-Argentine film directed by Hector Babenco, tells the story of events leading up to the 1992 massacre in the Carandiru Penitentiary in Brazil. The Prison Film Series is a collaborative event between ArtStreet and the Graul Chair in the Arts and Languages.

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    This event is free and open to the public.