Highlights from Past Decades

Since its founding in 1961, the University of Dayton's presenting program has brought luminaries in the arts to campus. Over a thousand artists, as soloists or in ensembles, have performed and dozens of other writers, actors and composers have spoken in presentations open to campus and community.

The selection of artists demonstrates the University’s' commitment to excellence, innovation and diversity. The artists featured each decade also reflect the culture and concerns of the period.  We invite you to browse the highlights from each decade.

Top of Page: Khumariyan, an emerging ensemble from Pakistan, preparing for their concert on the stage of the Kennedy Union Boll Theatre in 2014.

The Sixties
  • Marian Anderson (1961/62)

W. H. Auden (1962/63)

  • Miriam Makeba (1969/70)

  • Basil Rathbone (1965/66)

  • Juan Serrano (1966/67)

  • Robert Penn Warren (1964/65)

Image: Marian Anderson performs in the UD Fieldhouse in the inaugural season of the Arts Series in 1962.

The Seventies
  • Edward Albee (1979/80)

  • Van Cliburn (1972/73)

  • Eliot Fisk (1977/78)

  • Ella Fitzgerald (1974/75)

  • Marcel Marceau (1973/74)

  • Edward Villella (1974/75)

Image: Van Cliburn waits "backstage" at UD Arena before his Arts Series performance in 1972 with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Eighties
  • Robert Altman (1984/85)

  • Chick Corea (1985/86)

  • Guarneri String Quartet (1983/84)

  • Arlo Guthrie (1989/90)

  • John Houseman (1981/82)

  • New Irish Chamber Orchestra (1985/86)

Image: Chick Corea today, whose career in jazz has spanned over five decades, appeared in concert at UD in 1985. Photo courtesy of Chick Corea Productions.

The Nineties
  • Anonymous Four (1999/2000)

  • Ballet Hispanico (1994/95)

  • DCDC (1992/93)

  • Ensemble Galilei (1999/2000)

  • Norman Kreiger (1999/2000)

  • Kronos Quartet (1991/92)

Image: Sheri "Sparkle" Williams, shown here in a dress rehearsal on campus (2011) as part of DCDC's Community Artist in Residence programming, appeared with the dance company in the Arts Series 1992/93 season. Photo by Adam Alonzo.

The First Decade of the 21st Century
  • Ronald K Brown/Evidence (2004/05)

  • Simon Shaheen (2007/08)

  • Luciana Souza (2004/05)

  • Vieux Farke Touré (2007/08)

  • Trio Apollon (2002/03)

  • Jason Vieux (2000/01)

Image: Simon Shaheen in one of two sold out concerts in his first UD residency in 2008. Photo by Adam Alonzo.



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