Jeffery Cooper, MS

JeffWith over twenty-five years of service in the public health arena, Jeffery Cooper has been serving as the Public Health Commissioner for Dayton and Montgomery county since 2015. Prior to his current leadership role, Jeffery was the assistant Public Health Commissioner and during the course of his career also served in emergency preparedness and air pollution control.

A native of Montgomery county, Jeffery attended Beavercreek high school and then Wright State University where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in the biological sciences. In a 2015 interview with the Dayton Daily News, Jeffery expressed his commitment and dedication towards building a healthier Dayton. He is quoted as saying “my interest was always in helping individuals become healthier and doing that through a strong public health program.”

As Public Health Commissioner, Jeffrey Cooper has continued focusing on the following issues:

  • “Investing in chronic disease prevention programs (cancers, heart disease, obesity, diabetes).”
  • “Improving access to medical, dental and behavioral care for all Montgomery County residents.”
  • “Promoting health equity to eliminate disparities in health outcomes among minority populations.”
  • “Continuing to strengthen our local public health system through partnerships”

This last point is exemplified by his efforts to stay connected to institutions of higher learning such as Wright State University and the University of Dayton. He believes that universities are important partners, providing program support, resources, and training the next generation of workers in the public health sector.

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