Sara Paton, PhD

SaraSara Paton, PhD holds a joint appointment at Public Health – Dayton and Montgomery County and as an associate professor of epidemiology within the Wright State University Department of Population and Public Health Sciences. Dr. Paton also serves as the director of the Wright State interdisciplinary, community-based Masters in Public Health Program. Dr. Paton has recently served as a steering committee member for the Public Health Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), a long-term plan that identifies health priorities and provides a framework for community organizations to work towards building a healthier Dayton and Montgomery County.

As part of her appointment at Public Health, Dr. Paton serves as an epidemiologist and an Office of the Health Commissioner Liaison. She also devotes her time to several special projects such as CHIP, the Ohio Equity Institute, Infant Mortality Coalition, and Community Health Assessments.

Dr. Paton also teaches epidemiology as part of the Wright State Masters in Public Health Program and is actively involved in research focused on a range of maternal and child health issues such as breastfeeding, infant mortality, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Dr. Paton began her career at Wright State in 2001 as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and then transitioning to a faculty member in the Department of Community Health. She has a strong background in the basic sciences, obtaining a Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical and Animal Sciences from Texas A&M University, a Masters of Science in Animal Science from Angelo State University, and a PhD specializing in nutrition from University of Kentucky.

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