Bachelor of Arts in French

Language is key to increasing one's understanding of today's world. The internationalization of travel, the arts, media, politics, science and technology, and the economic interdependence of the world's nations have caused a demand for the multilingual professional. This increasingly multinational character of American society itself demonstrates the importance of foreign languages in nearly every occupation.

French courses offered in the Department of Global Languages and Cultures fall into one of three categories: language skill courses, linguistics and language instruction courses, and literature and culture courses. Language skills courses offer students the opportunity to develop proficiency/functional ability in reading, writing, listening, speaking and cultural awareness, so effective communication with people from other cultures is achieved whether at home or abroad. Linguistic and foreign language instruction courses provide a foundation for comprehending the complexity of language acquisition and methodological approaches. Literature and culture courses expand the understanding and appreciation of the "other" through literary texts, films, art, history, traditions, and study abroad programs.

The University offers a teaching licensure option in French to students enrolled in the Department of Global Languages and Cultures. Students must satisfy all of the requirements in the Department of Global Languages and Culture as well as the requirements designated by the School of Education and Health Sciences for teacher licensure by the state of Ohio.

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