Bachelor of Science in Physics

Explore fundamentals and frontiers, ranging from atoms and molecules to stars and galaxies, through physics. In the Department of Physics, you will study and apply principles from each of these subject areas on a daily basis. Subfields in physics include the study of astrophysics, atomic and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, electricity and magnetism, elementary particles, energy, force and motion, heat, optics and laser physics, and sound.

Program Outcomes

As a physics major, you will learn the essential information and habits needed to succeed as a creative scientist. You can become involved with research as an undergraduate, allowing you to gain hands-on experience at an early stage of academic training instead of waiting for postgraduate or professional research work. Many research opportunities are available with the physics faculty and in conjunction with the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). You can also work with faculty to publish scholarly journal articles and present research at professional meetings and conferences.

Admission Resources