Is social justice important to you? Do you think that fair laws and a reliable justice system are necessary for our society? Do you want a career in which you can work for them? Prepare for a successful future in law through the Prelaw Program. Do you have what it takes? You will.

Program Overview

We want to make sure you're prepared for law school, so we take the advice of law schools to heart — and give you the academic support you need as an undergraduate. Because law schools discourage students from having a prelaw major, we recommend that you choose a major based on your interests and abilities. To declare your interest in law and become a member of the Prelaw Program, all you need to do is let us know.

The Prelaw Program has both academic and pre-professional components. Academically, we encourage you to take courses that teach you to develop the skills set necessary for gaining admission to law school, enjoying law school success and becoming effective attorneys. These include analyzing ideas, thinking logically and systematically, communicating effectively and clearly both verbally and in writing, comprehending basic principles of the American political and legal systems, and examining issues from an ethical perspective. The prelaw program gives you access to guidance and academic assistance from professors who are trained in prelaw advising.

Pre-professionally, we help you with access to resources, experiences and relationships as you explore a possible career in law, develop leadership qualities, make professional contacts, evaluate law schools and their programs, prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and go through the law school admission process. Simulated LSATs are offered multiple times a year and can be taken as many times as you wish. These practice tests familiarize you with LSAT questions and prepare you for the test. As a junior or senior, you can also take a two-weekend LSAT preparation course sponsored by the Prelaw Program, which is offered in both semesters. We offer a regular program of speakers on legal education, legal careers, and practical advice on getting into the law school of your choice and succeeding once you are there.

Admission Resources