We Know What It Takes to Change The World.


Anyone who’s tried to change the world has been told they couldn’t. It’s too hard, too much. But the determined ones, the real difference makers, they keep going. And they make it happen.

Our students told us how they plan to change the world. We were so impressed by their ideas and ambition, we created a mural to show what bold, thoughtful thinking looks like. To show how it looks to dream big. And to show what the future can be when we work together.

Now it's your turn.

Let us know how you want to create change, and your entry could be added to our next mural.

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Come Walk
The Walk

At the University of Dayton, we don’t just talk about change. We get out and we make a difference. We’re improving health and education in Malawi, Africa. We’re creating a new global hub of innovation at our China Institute. And we’re designing the future of sustainability with Emerson Climate Technologies and Hanley Sustainability Institute. With our resources and expertise, and your passion for inspiring change, there’s no limit to how great your impact can be.

The Art Of Collaboration

Made possible by enthusiastic thinkers and doers like you, the mural was created in collaboration with Cleveland-born artist Timothy Goodman, whose work has been featured by Airbnb, Nike, J. Crew, the New York Public Library, Ford, Apple, Google, in the New York Times, Esquire, and on the covers of Time and New York Magazine.

You helped create this work of art. Share it. And start inspiring change right now.