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Sustainability September 13, 2019
HSI Director: Aluminum cup concept 'very attractive'

One United States business says it has an eco-friendly alternative to the red plastic cup that is “infinitely recyclable and economically valuable.” Ball Corporation recently rolled out aluminum cups at University of Colorado-Boulder sports events. The Colorado-based company says aluminum cans have a global recycling rate of 69 percent, making them the world’s most recycled beverage container.

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Faith/Mission September 12, 2019
On a Mission to Learn. Lead. Serve.

IPI's Online Faith Formation program provides Malawi man with education to lead others in his community.

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Diversity and Inclusion September 12, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

The Optical Society will honor University of Dayton physicist Jay Mathews with its 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Recognition award for encouraging and fostering diversity, and providing opportunities for underserved students in the field of optics and photonics.

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President September 10, 2019
Collaboration — It's in Dayton's DNA

It’s no secret: Nothing in Dayton happens without collaboration. We are convinced that “collaboration” is hardwired in Dayton’s DNA — and is the driving force behind why great ideas, like the innovative Dayton Performing Arts Alliance or the ambitious Dayton Arcade transformation, take flight.

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Campus and Community September 10, 2019
The Dialogue Zone Celebrates Its Launch: Sep 23-27

The Dialogue Zone will be celebrating its launch during the week of September 23-27.  During this week, we will be hosting a number of events to showcase the diverse programs that the space can accommodate.  All programs will be taking place in the Dialogue Zone on the first floor of Roesch Library, Room 107.

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News September 10, 2019
Mary in the News: Sept. 10, 2019
Read recent items about Mary in both Catholic and secular news. Also, see International Marian Research Institute as well as Marian Library news and updates.
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Faculty September 10, 2019
College Faculty in the News: September 10, 2019

Assistant Professor Anya Galli Robertson, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, discusses the "glitter revolution" taking place in Mexican feminist and LGBTQ protests. Follow this and other recent media coverage of the service, research, scholarship and commentary of College of Arts and Sciences programs and their faculty.

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Sustainability September 09, 2019
5 years in, sustainability institute has surpassed Hanleys' hopes

For George Hanley ’77 and Amanda Hanley, the return on their investment in sustainability at the University of Dayton has been worth every penny. Thursday, Sept. 19, marks the fifth anniversary since their $12.5 million gift formed the Hanley Sustainability Institute and refueled ongoing sustainability initiatives and academic programs.

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Libraries September 09, 2019
Sacred Bones
Holy Relics in University Libraries Holdings
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September 09, 2019
Crossing Borders
Students in the Global Flyers program bring back what they learned from India
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