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A Preview of ArtStreet's Creative Culture Exchange Series

By Lauren Glass, '13

By Lauren Glass, '13

Last year saw the initiation of the Creative Culture Exchange Series hosted by ArtStreet. This series is comprised of three separate events each semester which serve to spur discussion in the community on a range of art topics. I attended several of these events last year, and through discussion and debate between the audience and a panel of experts and artists, I was challenged to expand my understanding on subject matter ranging from the importance of cross cultural experiences to what makes theater what it is.

Now it’s the start of a new year, and I’m excited to say that the Creative Culture Exchange Series is back with some fresh topics. I fully intend to be at each of the three discussions again. Just to give you a head’s up, here’s what this semester’s series has in store:

The Impact of Street Art on City Image
Tuesday September 17, 7:30-9p.m. ArtStreet Studio C
Love it or hate it, street art can be found in almost any city, and can definitely be found in Dayton. So what makes street art different from activist and public art? And does it affect the city of Dayton beyond aesthetics? These are some of the questions which the audience will tackle along with Aaron Sorrell, Dayton’s Director of Planning and Community Development, Garden Station founder Lisa Helm, and Dayton Circus Creative Collective chairman Jeff Opt. This event will be presented in conjunction with the art exhibit “ACTION: The Street Art of Joel Bergner.” (Please note: Joel Bergner will not be at this event.)

Bullet Points: The Creative Culture and the 2nd Amendment
Tuesday October 8, 7:30-9p.m. ArtStreet Studio C
In the wake of recent school shootings, the gun control debate is gathering more attention in the US. Artists around the country are responding through their artwork in order to express their concerns, inform the public and comfort those directly affected by gun violence. This Creative Cultural Exchange discussion will focus on the challenge these artists face in transforming the idea of gun control into an inviting, creative and motivating call-to-action. This discussion will be presented in conjunction with the art installation “BULLET: Who Pulls the Trigger?”

The Future of Dance in Contemporary America
Tuesday, November 19, 7:30-9p.m. ArtStreet Studio C
What is the future of dance in contemporary America? What voices and styles of expression are the up and coming generation responding to? Explore the possibilities of creative adaptation to the 21st century dance market with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Dayton choreographer and interdisciplinary artist Rodney Veal, UD Dance Ensemble artistic director Richard Mosley, Jeanne Mam-Luft of MamLuft & Co. Dance, and national dance "upstarts" Hammerstep.

To learn more about ArtStreet's Creative Culture Exchange series, visit the ArtStreet website or call 937-229-5101.

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