Artist Profile: Spotlight on Ben Danis '15

By Liz Rosevear '14

“I feel like my imagination is running 24/7. I daydream in class about what my next project can be,” says Ben Danis, junior marketing and entrepreneurship major. Danis is the creator of Red and Blue Promotions, a student organization focusing on advertising and broadcasting that gives participants hands on experiences. His passion for film and television driving him forward, Danis has worked hard the past year to make his dream of producing his own work into a reality.

Danis has spent his life in Dayton, growing up in Kettering and graduating from Alter High School. A far cry from where he is now, Danis admitted he had wanted to be an orthodontist growing up. But as he entered high school he got more into screenwriting and film, even writing a pilot television show with a friend. With these activities being more of a creative outlet, UD is where he really got inspired to pursue his passion for writing and film.

During his sophomore year, Danis met Taylor Kolanko, a broadcast major, who lived across the hall. He recalls asking Kolanko, “If I started a film club, would you join?”

They combined forces, Danis writing and developing the advertisement and film, and Kolanko shooting and editing it. Red and Blue Promotions became a registered student organization in the Fall of 2013. As far as the story behind the name, Danis says, “I wanted something that would differentiate us from all the other organizations on campus using the term ‘Flyer’ in their name.” Which only makes sense since they are an organization all their own. ‘Red and Blue’ is for UD’s colors, and ‘promotions’ is used because that is exactly what they are doing on campus.

Red and Blue Promotions has already made a splash on campus, producing a film about Up the Orgs that has garnered over 200 views on YouTube as well as 132 likes on their Facebook page. Organizations on campus will reach out to them, requesting their help in promoting their group or a special event.

Most people find out about Red and Blue Promotions through word of mouth, but they also have someone who is in charge of their public relations and social media. With many resources such as a vast array of broadcasting majors involved, the free use of UD video equipment, and a strong support base here on campus, Red and Blue Promotions has a strong future ahead of them. All thanks to the creative mind of Ben Danis.

“I would love to do screenwriting after college,” Danis said. “I think it would be so cool if one day, I could come home and turn the TV on and see a commercial I made.”

With imagination combined with inspiration from shows such as “Parks and Rec” and “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Danis has no trouble coming up with smart and funny writings. He hopes to work for an agency in Chicago account managing and writing witty commercials that “make you want to buy the product being advertised, because you laughed so hard you cried.”

When Danis is not working on Red and Blue Promotions’ next big project, he is involved with the Marketing Club, Delta Sigma Pi and the Sales Club on campus. But he does have time for fun - like hanging out with friends, watching movies and playing basketball.

With the support of his family and the growing interest of the UD campus, Danis is on the path to a very successful future in advertising. Red and Blue Promotions’ next projects include a video for “Spike for Charity” and “Consciousness Rising.”

To keep updated with what Red and Blue Promotions are working on, “like” their self-titled page on Facebook. And if your organization is interested in working with them or if you are interested in gaining more broadcasting or advertising experience, email Check out Red and Blue Promotions’ Up the Org video, and look out in March for our next student profile!

Liz Rosevear is a senior public relations and marketing student at the UD who has always had a passion for the arts and learning about other people’s talents and interests. She’s an event planning/programming sssistant at ArtStreet and the promotions manager for Flyer Radio. Through these positions she’s had the chance to get to know many creative students and give back to the arts community that has inspired her the last four years. When she’s not working at ArtStreet, she’s dancing with the UD Irish Dance Club. Writing student profiles gives her the chance to put the spotlight on students who are passionate, but who are also paving their own way in the arts world.

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