ArtStreet Launches Introspective Experience 'THIRST' in White Box Gallery

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus (IAN) present THIRST, a new introspective, multi-dimensional experience for students, faculty, and guests alike in the White Box Gallery.

THIRST, which runs from August 27 - October 1, kicks off the 2015-2016 installation season. In 2015-16, the White Box Gallery will bring to life the implicit and explicit multitudes that challenge our daily climate. From the origins of want and need to the fight for more when it’s taken away, the White Box Gallery’s THIRST, CONSUMPTION, FEAR, UPHEAVAL, and REFLECTION will challenge perspectives and demand dialogue around our human desires for spirituality, energy, freedoms and change. The 2015-16 year will culminate with the IAN II capstone installation, designed to creatively apply innovative ‘solutions’ to the collaborative and critical perspectives developed from the entire season’s installation themes. 

THIRST engages what it is that we desire, that we long for, encouraging viewers to consider the desires that are so deeply embedded in us that they can be difficult to access. Beyond money, good health, or novel experiences, THIRST invites us to consider the ways in which we substitute what we really desire with temporary and unsustainable comforts. 

Creative Lead Andrew Hendrixson is an artist and writer whose recent work includes collaborations with incarcerated youth and an experimental art project that seeks to create conversational spaces in homes across the country about the role of the arts. 

When asked about his inspiration for the installation, Hendrixson replied, “[t]he inspiration for this project came from my own life, and the lives of my family and friends. The project seeks to invite new honesty and vulnerability about our desires and disappointments, but also to offer the comfort that we are all in this together, and that self-confrontation and honesty precedes are efforts to live and choose with greater health, generosity, and clarity.”

The materials in THIRST range from a small room made up of red Solo cups to a wall of mirrors to the audio recording of anonymous human voices quietly describing their wants.

“The materials are mostly common, everyday objects, which feels important to the ethos of the project. Even our private desires and disappointments are likely pretty common, pretty universal, and I felt that the materials also needed that accessible quality.” Hendrixson said.

Hendrixson’s work has been featured in galleries across the nation, including New York City, Cincinnati and Detroit. For more information on his work, visit http://andrewhendrixson.com

The installation will also play a key role for students in the Institute for Arts Nexus, ArtStreet and the University of Dayton’s first-of-its-kind applied creativity and innovation center. Students will spend three weeks responding and building upon their experiences with THIRST, learning how to apply class concepts to delve deeper into their own personal climate.

“THIRST is the gateway into the deeper construct of desire; the deeper side of people and what we want and need,” said ArtStreet director Brian LaDuca.

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus, ArtStreet’s new academic wing, seek to empower a forward-thinking 21st century student with the ability to confidently develop the imaginative and creative skills necessary to exvel and impact today’s innovative and global workforce, regardless of degree focus, ArtStreet's White Box Gallery produces six world premiere multimedia installations annually, showcasing the tangible aesthetics of ‘radical creative’ design as living and breathing arts experiences that can change the world.

ArtStreet is located at the intersection of Lawnview Avenue and Kiefaber Street on the University of Dayton campus. ArtStreet is open 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday. For more information about ArtStreet events, call 937-229-5101 or visit udayton.edu/artstreet.


Expose Your Thirst
Wednesday, Sept. 23
7 - 8:30 p.m. ArtStreet Creator Space
Presented in collaboration with Oral Funk Poetry and To Write Love On Her Arms. More details to come. 

Press release written by Maggie Fiegl '15. 

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