(ir)reconcilable: faith & reason

By Kiersten Remster '17

A creative spectrum of compiling the arts of dance, music, visual art and puppets will soon grace the presence of campus. Michelle Hayford’s latest work titled (ir)reconcilable: faith & reason provides a collaborative piece with The Zoot Theatre Company to combine the arts into one performance piece.

Not only did Hayford script and direct (ir)reconcilable, but she also acts as one of the four narrative roles. Infusing the somber dance and music with heart felt narratives, the four women performers appeal to the emotional side of faith and spiritual journey. After taking note of the dialogues expressed by students, faculty and staff at a talk at ArtStreet last year, Hayford constructed a play that tells the narratives of love surviving death, redemption, family connections and spirituality in nature –all of which are special to those who shared their story with the Dayton community.

The beauty behind the production originates as theatre and performance is intertwined with the four elements of earth, wind, fire and air. Each room is skillfully designed to embody the experience of its meaning. Hayford explained that “the transition between experiencing a performance scene and the element room parallels journeys of the spiritual and the intellect.” Surrounding the performance, four separate rooms were built for the audience to explore after each scene. Organized and outlined for each audience member individually, every viewer will experience each of the separate element rooms in various orders, perhaps creating an entirely different perspective of the performance for every guest.

The mastery of creating an original piece that articulates the spiritual journey of faith and reason perfectly outlines with significance of the natural elements. (ir)reconcilable as a multimedia performance will be showing on January 30, 31, February 1, 5, 6 and 7 at the Black Box Theatre in Raymond Fitz Hall. Performances are all scheduled at 8pm, excluding Sunday February 1 at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now; for more information please call 937-229-2545 or visit udaytontickets.universitytickets.com.

Kiersten Remster is a sophomore Art History and German student at University of Dayton. She is the new student arts writer at ArtStreet and is very excited to be a part of the ArtStreet family. Kiersten has been a competitive swimmer her whole life and is continuing her swimming career through the Dayton Master's program. She is also serving on the Academic Affairs Committee this year as vice president and is looking forward to working with faculty in order to improve Dayton's academic curriculum.

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