Metal Meets Paper and Creative Minds Collide at Robogami: Tech Hack Battle

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus present the ultimate tech hack battle, where metal meets paper and creative minds collide. Robogami will be held on Wednesday,
Nov. 18, 7-8:30 p.m. in ArtStreet’s Creator Space.

Two teams of competitors, which include Kenneth Bester, Conner Haenszel, Andrew Harbach and Molly Lamperis from UD and four students from Dayton Early College Academy and Oakwood High School representing "The BONDS" FRC (FIRST Robotic Competition) team, will battle it out through three rounds of creativity and ingenuity. The teams will use custom-made RoboCreative kits, which include all the items needed to win a tech hack competition.

ArtStreet director Brian LaDuca will be emceeing the event a la Hunger Games host Caesar Flickerman. Just in case the tech hack battle and eccentric host weren’t enough, additional entertainment will be provided by two local music connoisseurs, Dan Prince and Dave Zup. There will also be origami “experts” showcasing their paper folding prowess for the crowd and even providing lifelines for a struggling team. Each round will have contestants use their imagination and knowledge to incorporate the elements of sight, motion, and sound. The three steps in each round consist of an ideation process, a build process, and presentation process. Each round lasts between 25 and 30 minutes with exciting audience interactions throughout.

Teams will be judged on how creatively they incorporate the selected element. Judges for Robogami include Kevin Hallinan from UD’s School of Engineering as well as Andrew and Lauren White, the husband and wife creative team behind Indigo Life Media. 

Winners for each round will be determined by a combination of judge feedback and audience participation. In addition to prizes for the winning team, the crowd will get a chance to win some exciting giveaways throughout the night.

The inspiration for Robogami came from the maker movement, a growing trend of inventors, designers, self-starters and tinkerers who create using a wide range of materials and techniques ranging from traditional arts and crafts to advanced technology. More ideas for the event came from a collaboration of various sources, including Ohio First Lego League and MIT Media Lab. Other inspirations include Chibitronics, High-Low Tech, and JoyLabz’s MakeyMakey kits, who donated several MakeyMakey kits for the battle.

“If you ever wanted to see Fight Club meets Big Hero 6 meets BattleBots, meets The Hunger Games with a splash of any world famous Japanese game show, Robogami is for you,” said LaDuca.

For those looking for more information about this event, be on the lookout for the origami robot heads scattered throughout campus. Also, see if you can spot our robot mascot around campus in the days leading up to the event.

When asked how he was feeling about the competition, team member Kenneth Bester said this, “I’m not worried, I’m a competitor. I just do what I do and the results will speak for themselves.”

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus seeks to empower a forward-thinking 21st century student with the ability to confidently develop the imaginative and creative skills necessary to excel and impact today’s innovative and global workforce regardless of degree focus.

ArtStreet is located at the intersection of Lawnview Avenue and Kiefaber Street on the University of Dayton campus. ArtStreet is open 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday. For more information about ArtStreet events, call 937-229-5101 or visit udayton.edu/artstreet.

Press release written by Maggie Fiegl '15. 

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