With 'UPHEAVAL,' ArtStreet Looks to the Past To Change the Future

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus presents UPHEAVAL, the fourth installation in the 2015-16 IAN series. The installation will open at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 21 in the White Box Gallery.

When the world we know has been removed, taken away from, or simply consumed — and the reality that fear cannot be the only livable choice — society's reaction is one of sudden change or disruption. This is UPHEAVAL. The fourth installation in the six-part 2015-16 IAN Installation Series will look at a social and cultural climate that rises from the ashes of FEAR by localizing a future vision of change. By mirroring the University of Dayton's campus climate during the Vietnam Era (1965-1975) and tomorrow's campus climate (2016-2026), this highly-charged installation uses collage, future design and interactive audio to establish a future campus that not only is influenced by our current national tensions, but will also react to our blindspots of years past.

"UPHEAVAL is a continuation off of last semester’s FEAR, wherein the gallery had reached a point of emptiness and void, and as we move into the spring, we are engaging a localized look at a national tipping point for protest, perspective and social change, looking to forecast the University of Dayton's future in reflection of the University of Dayton's past. It's about strengthening voice and resource in the face of tension" said Brian LaDuca, ArtStreet Director.

The installation will feature a collage-style wall of UD, local and student print media from 1965-75 as the starting point of the installation, which then builds into a future design of possibilities for the next decade starting in 2016. The installation, as is true with all other ArtStreet and IAN installations, is meant to be a catalyst for dialogue, and will also include an opportunity for all to add their "voice" to the developing design through a communal center area designed and engineered by UD graduate student and former ArtStreet resident Daniel Prince.

What makes this installation unique to the others in the series is its design, as it is the first installation solely created by the ArtStreet professional staff, with collaborative insight from the student organization Consciousness Rising.

“With UPHEAVAL, we’re hoping to start a conversation between generations. With so much transition and conflict that happened both in the world and on UD’s campus from 1965-1975, we are hoping to create a parallel between what could happen from 2016-2026,” junior Maggie Schaller said. “As a member of Consciousness Rising, the social justice conference that happens on UD campus every year, we are always interested in what issues will spark the next generation of upheavals — and what will rival the conversations of change that happened from 1965-1975,” said Schaller.

The White Box Gallery is the nexus for the courses, public programs and 'radically creative' experiences that help spark innovative dialogue at ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus. Hosting six world premiere installations annually, the White Box Gallery’s mission is to bring vision to reality through 4-dimensional (sight, sound, space and emotion) immersions that challenge social, industrial, cultural and academic perspectives.

The 2015-16 IAN Installation Series is focused on our daily climate — and our elemental responses to our environment. From the origins of want and need to the fight for more when it’s taken away, the White Box Gallery’s fall installations focused on THIRST, CONSUMPTION and FEAR. The spring semester will introduce UPHEAVAL, followed by REFLECTION, the 11th annual Citizens of the World student photo installation. The academic year will culminate with the IAN II capstone installation, CHANGE. With guidance from Michael Bashaw, UD's Visiting Artist for Sustainability Initiatives, students will creatively apply innovative 'solutions' to the collaborative and critical perspectives developed from the entire season’s installation themes.

ArtStreet is located at the intersection of Lawnview Avenue and Kiefaber Street on the University of Dayton campus. ArtStreet is open 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday. For more information about ArtStreet events, call 937-229-5101 or visit udayton.edu/artstreet.

Detailed Schedule/Public Events

January 21 - February 24, 2016
ArtStreet White Box Gallery
Opening reception: Thursday, Jan. 21, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

UPHEAVAL will look at a social and cultural climate that rises from the ashes of FEAR by localizing a future vision of change. By mirroring the University of Dayton’s campus climate during the Vietnam Era (1965-1975) and tomorrow’s campus climate (2016-2026), this highly charged installation uses storytelling to establish a future campus that not only is influenced by our current national tensions, but also can learn from our past to innovate our future.

Press release written by Maggie Fiegl '15. 

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