Metal Meets Paper and Creative Minds Collide at Robogami: Tech Hack Battle


| Fine Arts

Come watch your fellow students battle it out in a spectacle like you’ve never seen before!

FEAR Makes Its Way Into ArtStreet's IAN Installation Series


| Fine Arts

FEAR is so absolutely ingrained in our society that it has nearly become an American pastime. ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus confront that FEAR in the White Box Gallery, opening Nov. 10. 

Expose Your Thirst


| Fine Arts

Maggie Fiegl '15 offers her perspective on a collaborative poetry experience with Oral Funk Poetry and To Write Love On Her Arms.

ArtStreet Rolls Out CONSUMPTION: Part 2 of 6 in IAN Installation Series


| Fine Arts

What do we consume? How? Why?  And what happens when we take too much?

ArtStreet Launches Introspective Experience 'THIRST' in White Box Gallery


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet and the Institute for Arts Nexus (IAN) present THIRST, a new introspective, multi-dimensional experience for students, faculty, and guests alike in the White Box Gallery.

WISDOM: Who Are You?


| Fine Arts

Kiersten Remster examines WISDOM, an installation that provokes thoughts of our character, personality and the paths we choose as we stumble down the road of life.

ArtStreet Hosting 3rd Annual 1World Celebration


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet's 1World Celebration 2015 will put into focus the five elements of Hip Hop through a one-of-a-kind event.

'The Last Supper'


| Fine Arts

The Dayton Art Institute and the University of Dayton present artist Julie Green's The Last Supper: 600 Plates Illustrating Final Meals of U.S. Death Row Inmates

Neighborhood. Not “Ghetto.”


| Fine Arts

Kiersten Remster '17 discusses her change in perspective as a result of ArtStreet's GHETTO: A Retail Art Installation.

The "GHETTO" Contradiction


| Fine Arts

Karlos Marshall examines the societal contradictions that emerge from ArtStreet's provocative GHETTO exhibition.