GHETTO: A Retail Art Installation


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet presents a provocatively compelling, radically designed exhibition in the White Box Gallery.

A Reflection on MALAISE


| Fine Arts

Nahdi Patterson '15 shares her thoughts on MALAISE, an exhibition featuring work by alumna Mallory Tay.

(ir)reconcilable: faith & reason


| Fine Arts

The UD Theatre Program presents a creative spectrum of compiling the arts of dance, music, visual art and puppets.

MALAISE: Confronting the Uncomfortable


| Fine Arts

Mallory Tay captures a snapshot of the dichotomy of comfort and pain within family dynamics, now on view in ArtStreet's White Box Gallery.

MALAISE: Mallory Tay


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet's White Box Gallery will kick off 2015 with MALAISE, an exhibition featuring work by alumna Mallory Tay.

The Departure: Senior Exhibition


| Fine Arts

Fitz Hall’s Gallery 249 currently features the masterpieces created by graduating seniors of the Department of Art and Design, reflecting high levels of creativity, craft and conceptual understanding.

Spotlight on ArtStreet


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet offers multidisciplinary perspectives through unique spaces, residential living, innovative curriculum, and life-changing arts experiences.

Collaboration and Community Presents: A Recap of the White Box Theatre Festival


| Fine Arts

The White Box Theatre Festival was a collaboration of ArtStreet and Studio Theatre to bring experimental theater to the forefront of the UD community within ArtStreet's White Box Gallery.

Perspectives: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet's White Box Gallery showcases both the international and domestic journeys of University of Dayton students as they experience, engage and capture the world they live in.

Traditional Commentary on Modern Visual Culture


| Fine Arts

Fibers in Flux, curated by Darden Bradshaw, brings together seven different artists whose locations range from Dayton to Canada. All of the artists experiment and comment on the changes of fiber art in contemporary times. The exhibit draws upon the shift from traditional processes to modern conceptions of fiber art.