The Great Pumpkin Iconoclasm


| Fine Arts

By Kiersten Remster '17 - Well folks, it is that time of year again. Bring on the basic pumpkin spice Frappuccino, binge-watching Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown while doing homework, and Instagram photos of colorful leaves changing.

ArtStreet’s 'Impact'


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet’s White Box Gallery has offered a response to the Rare Rose Book Collection in a juxtaposing exhibit that brings the meaning of concepts and ideas explored into visible objects and installations.

Reality in front of the Lens


| Fine Arts

By Kiersten Remster '17 Our modern interpretation of the meaning of photography is a question that is not consistent with historical photo documentati...

Hypermediacy: A glimpse into our media-stricken lives


| Fine Arts

By Kiersten Remster '17 Walking into ArtStreet’s current exhibition, Hypermediacy, I felt overwhelmed. Taking its name from a combination of phe...

Spotlight On: Black Epoch


| Fine Arts

By Liz Rosevear '14 When sophomores James McLean and Jesse Hughes met at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati, they never thought they would have t...

Voices: America's Music


| Fine Arts

By Lauren Glass '13 This post is an alumnus’ response to Voices: America’s Music, currently on display in ArtStreet Studio D Gallery. The ...

American Studies: A Whole Bunch of 'Ologies'


| Education

By Josh Chamberlain '14 I am an American Studies major. You probably have no idea what that means. My initial pitch to my parents and subsequent descr...

Spotlight on Josh Parker


| Fine Arts

By Liz Rosevear '14 If you have been to a football game this year, then chances are you have seen this guy. No, not playing football, but playing...

Me, Myselfie and I: #ArtStreetSelfieProject


| Fine Arts

By Amanda Dee '16 “Let’s talk about selfies.” As I daydream about my last selfie featuring a cat portrait and butter knife, I l...