Spotlight on ArtStreet


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet offers multidisciplinary perspectives through unique spaces, residential living, innovative curriculum, and life-changing arts experiences.

Collaboration and Community Presents: A Recap of the White Box Theatre Festival


| Fine Arts

The White Box Theatre Festival was a collaboration of ArtStreet and Studio Theatre to bring experimental theater to the forefront of the UD community within ArtStreet's White Box Gallery.

Perspectives: A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet's White Box Gallery showcases both the international and domestic journeys of University of Dayton students as they experience, engage and capture the world they live in.

Traditional Commentary on Modern Visual Culture


| Fine Arts

Fibers in Flux, curated by Darden Bradshaw, brings together seven different artists whose locations range from Dayton to Canada. All of the artists experiment and comment on the changes of fiber art in contemporary times. The exhibit draws upon the shift from traditional processes to modern conceptions of fiber art.

The Great Pumpkin Iconoclasm


| Fine Arts

By Kiersten Remster '17 - Well folks, it is that time of year again. Bring on the basic pumpkin spice Frappuccino, binge-watching Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown while doing homework, and Instagram photos of colorful leaves changing.

ArtStreet’s 'Impact'


| Fine Arts

ArtStreet’s White Box Gallery has offered a response to the Rare Rose Book Collection in a juxtaposing exhibit that brings the meaning of concepts and ideas explored into visible objects and installations.

Reality in front of the Lens


| Fine Arts

By Kiersten Remster '17 Our modern interpretation of the meaning of photography is a question that is not consistent with historical photo documentati...

Hypermediacy: A glimpse into our media-stricken lives


| Fine Arts

By Kiersten Remster '17 Walking into ArtStreet’s current exhibition, Hypermediacy, I felt overwhelmed. Taking its name from a combination of phe...

Spotlight On: Black Epoch


| Fine Arts

By Liz Rosevear '14 When sophomores James McLean and Jesse Hughes met at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati, they never thought they would have t...

Voices: America's Music


| Fine Arts

By Lauren Glass '13 This post is an alumnus’ response to Voices: America’s Music, currently on display in ArtStreet Studio D Gallery. The ...