Media, Art and the Right to Feel Beautiful


| Fine Arts

By Jack Raisch '15 “Art is the catalyst, the tool to ask questions through it.” This quote proved to become reality just moments after Bri...

Laughter, Tears, and Curtain Calls: University of Dayton's Studio Theatre


| Fine Arts

By Josh Chamberlain '14 Studio Theatre changed my life. This probably sounds rather dramatic (no pun intended), but it’s the truth. Based on a f...

Artist Profile: Spotlight on Ben Danis '15


| Fine Arts

By Liz Rosevear '14 “I feel like my imagination is running 24/7. I daydream in class about what my next project can be,” says Ben Danis, j...

Tape, Bleach and the Line: Casey Roberts and RC Wonderly


| Fine Arts

By Amanda Dee '16 Casey Roberts’s and RC Wonderly’s work will fill the walls of College Park Center’s Gallery 249 until Feb. 13. Rob...

Speech and Debate: " A Delightful Human Experience"


| Fine Arts

by Josh Chamberlain '14 I’ve been acting and working in the theatre world since I was about ten years old and it wasn’t until I got to col...

Creative Culture Exchange: A Reflection on Modern Dance


| Fine Arts

By Amanda Reitenbach '14 With the holidays just around the corner, visions of sugarplums are beginning to dance in my head. Ever since I was young, I ...

My Gamelan Experience


| Fine Arts

By Lauren Glass '13 Shameless plug from the author: The gamelan ensemble will be performing their fall concert this Sunday, November 24, in Sears Reci...

A Cultural Conversation with Peter Buffett


| Fine Arts

By Tom Stankard ‘14 A select group of UD faculty and students got the rare chance to meet and hold a conversation with Emmy Award-Winning musici...

The Warriors: An Eye Opening Experience


| Fine Arts

By Josh Chamberlain ‘14 Editor’s note: The play The Warriors was recently performed in the ArtStreet gallery as a contributing piece to th...

ArtStreet Presents 'Citizens of the World' Exhibit


| Fine Arts

By Samantha Cook ‘16 with additions made by Lauren Glass ‘13 The Citizens of the World exhibit, which opened yesterday, Nov. 7, showcases ...