Roesch Social Sciences Symposium

University of Dayton social sciences students will present their capstone research projects as well as other course-related research Saturday, Nov. 18, at the 11th Annual Raymond A. Roesch, S.M. Social Sciences Symposium. The event at 9 a.m. in the Kennedy Union is free and open to the public.

Originally for undergraduate students, the symposium has been expanded in recent years to include graduate students. All University students are expected to develop and demonstrate habits of academic inquiry and creativity through the production of a body of artistic, scholarly or community-based work intended for public presentation and defense.

“Social science as a discipline looks at problems systematically, seeking to understand a perspective outside your own,” said Leslie Picca, department of sociology, anthropology and social work chair. “This is critical to understand even if you are going into engineering, education or the business world. It is important for all students on campus to understand these principles.”

Students build confidence and expertise in presenting their research to peers and professors from a variety of social science disciplines. This experience is important to students whether they are entering the workplace or attending graduate school after graduation.

“It’s great to showcase to future employers,” Picca said. “I think there is an obvious connection to students considering graduate school, because graduate students do research and present it in a public way. But even for students not intending to go to grad school — those who intend on going into professional fields, nonprofit work and corporate work — for the most part employers want to see you can articulate your ideas and present them in a cohesive and concise manner. This is another opportunity for students to sharpen those skills they are getting in the classroom.”

This year’s symposium will include poster presentations, oral presentations and panel discussions. Presentations include completed research projects, research projects in progress, theses in progress and community-based projects. This variety highlights the unique contributions of the social sciences across departments and programs within the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Social Science Symposium is one of many opportunities the College provides to students to showcase their academic inquiries and practice their research presentation skills. It is hosted by psychology professor Roger Reeb, the Roesch Chair in the Social Sciences.

Named in honor of Fr. Raymond A. Roesch, S.M., the symposium recognizes his contributions to the University of Dayton. Roesch graduated from the University in 1936, and returned as a professor of psychology in 1951. After serving as the chair of the psychology department, he became the University president in 1959. During his 20-year tenure as president, Roesch added nine academic departments, six associate degree programs, 18 bachelor degree programs and 44 master programs.

  • Aaron Alford, communication assistant, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Pictured above: St. Joseph Hall, home of the social sciences departments. Inset: Fr. Raymond A. Roesch, S.M.
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