Thursday May 26, 2016

You Won't Believe Who the MOD Department Beat in its Latest Research Rankings

By Terence Lau

In 1996, Professor Michael Rothkopf began ranking universities' contributions to the Operations Research practice literature.  The rankings track visibility, which is the number of times a University is listed as the primary academic affiliation in the INFORMS (a nationally-known academic journal) practice literature, and yield, which is the equivalent number of practice papers attributale to each university based on an author's primary academic affiliation.  The 2016 rankings, due out soon in the May-June 2016 issue of Interfaces, places at UD at #3, behind only Georgia Tech and the Naval Post Graduate School.  UD is ahead of schools such as Carnegie Mellon and MIT, who placed in the Top 10.

The Department offers majors and minors in Operations Management and Management Information Systems, and additional minors in business analytics, business intelligence, and cybersecurity management.

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