Congratulations to Zhixuan Shu, 1st Place Winner with Apollo Robot.
Following is the complete list of winners:
EIC Elevator Pitch Winners List

More than 200 university students and their supporters gathered at The China Institute for Flyer Pitch, Elevator Pitch Round in China

  • Event was held November 5, 2016 at The China Institute in Suzhou
  • 60 teams applied, 58 pitched
  • The teams came from 21 different universities
  • $45,000 in cash prizes were awarded
    • $40,000 came from the Dushu Lake and Science Higher Education District, Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Top 10 teams move on to Cameo Round in January in Suzhou, have a chance to move into final round in March at UD
  • Top 3 teams have access to space and mentoring within The China Institute
  • Second year holding a pitch round at The China Institute
  • Last year’s winner placed 5th in the overall competition
  • This is the third event in the first round of Flyer Pitch
    • Significant improvement in the quality of the teams
    • Significant improvement in the quality of the pitches
  • It is the only multi-site, global competition at the collegiate level

 Top Five Teams Descriptions:

  • Apollo Robot – A low cost robot design which integrates a smart phone application. Targets elementary schools and students with a cost effective, easy to learn robot
  • Solar Charging Bags – A handbag made with a solar film layer that captures the sun’s energy and then can be used to charge portable electronic devices.
  • Knowl – A video sharing social media platform that combines live streaming of videos and tutorials to be shared by users
  • Moment For Exchange – A website and app designed to help college students sell and exchange personal electronic devices like tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc.
  • Magic Green – An app which applies 3D/Virtual models to your home to help create green spaces
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