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Advice to Younger Me

Now that the class of 2022 has had time to settle in on campus, some experienced UD students share what they wish they’d realized back when they began their own Flyer journey.
  1. Your happiness is important. If I had it to do over again I’d have listened to my heart, and tuned out others’ opinions. I had no clear idea what to major in, and sought validation from anyone and everyone that I was on the right path. While consulting others is helpful, being happy with your life is far more important. (Madelyn Allor ‘19)
  2. Put the books down. Yes, you read that right! If I had it to do again I’d learn to put down the books and enjoy life more. Studying is important, but take a break! Never again will you be a 5 minute walk from all your friends again. So go to Ben & Jerry's! Kick the soccer ball on Stewart Field! Truly enjoy your years as a college student, it goes quickly. (Anonymous)
  3. Balance is key. I’d prioritize my health just as high as I do my grades. While you may think that one more hour in the library will help on your test tomorrow, so will sleep. Don’t be afraid to close the books and call it a night. (Abby Sturgill ‘19)
  4. Networking is important. By networking I don't just mean connecting with every person you can on LinkedIn. Take time to grow or build relationships. It will go a long way. (Brad Lantz ‘19)
  5. Just sign up. I’d have joined more organizations. It’s a lot easier to sign up, join the email list, and go to the first meeting than it is having to find out later who’s in charge, when the group meets, and how to get involved. If you don’t want to be a member after the first meeting, it’s okay to say so. (Riley Hart ‘19)
  6. Diversify yourself. A wise friend once told me to join one organization that corresponds with your major, one that reminds you of something you used to do in high school, and one that challenges you to try something new. (Anonymous)
  7.  It’s okay to not have a plan. Don’t feel like you’re behind because you don't have a 10 year plan, classes picked out for next semester, or even a major. Use this time to explore. Take classes that seem interesting to you, chat with upperclassmen, and save the worrying about jobs and life for senior year! (David Kelley ‘19)
  8. Immerse yourself in another culture. UD offers so many different study abroad trips - take advantage of them! Don’t be afraid to push out of your comfort zone and try new things. (Frank Pernsteiner ‘19)
  9. Flyers love to hire Flyers! There are so many opportunities to network with business professionals through the SBA. If I did it over again I would attend as many of the networking events as I could, especially ones with UD Alumni, because companies love to UD grads! (Alex Pack ‘19)
  10. Stay on track. You’ll discover incredible new ways to live your life, and they can all wait until after you graduate. If it’s something you’re meant to do, it will be waiting for you at the end of your college program. I started here in the 1970s, and finally got my degree thirty years later! (Jeanne Zeek ’08, ‘14)
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