We Are Catholic

What does it mean to be Catholic? In today's world, it means many different things. This video portrays some of the many traits that Catholics possess. Catholics are passionate. We are charitable. We are pro-life. We are universal. We are diverse. Catholics can be found all over the world. We hope you enjoy this video and the images and words that represent how Catholics should be viewed in the modern world.  

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Finding a Hero in Mary

The English class that I took at UD last semester was all about superheroes in/and society. For our final paper, we were asked to choose someone that we think to be a hero and write about the societal hardships that they faced within that role. Naturally, I chose to write about Mary, the Mother of Jesus who I believe to be one of the greatest heroes that ever walked this earth.

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Meet the Staff Series - Ben Swick

We would like you to meet, Ben Swick. Ben is a recent addition to the Center for Catholic Education and works as the undergraduate student worker. He is From Elkhart, Indiana and is a sophomore intervention specialist at the University of Dayton. 

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