Introduction to the Center for Catholic Education

By Victoria Schoen

Welcome to the official blog for the Center for Catholic Education at the University of Dayton. Whether this is your first time hearing about us or you’ve been a part of our community, we are happy to have you in our audience of readers. The purpose of this blog is not simply to be a source of information or advertisement, but to be something that starts conversations, to be a place for deep reflection and inspiration, and to be a channel of support and passion for the topics in Catholic Education that are changing the world.

We do what we do at the Center for Catholic Education because of our vision to be servant-leaders through our work with Catholic educators and to foster excellence in Catholic schools. We serve through professional development programs and initiatives; teachers in the Lalanne program; mental health therapists and social workers of the Urban Child Development Resource Center (UCDRC); and Director of Marianist Educational Studies and Partnerships. We also serve through the teacher education and religious education students that we work with throughout their time at the University of Dayton.

Every week we will be presenting different blog posts to you that are written by many different people in the UD community and beyond. Throughout the course of the year, we will have different blog series that will give you a closer look at our programs, our amazing staff, as well as topics that relate to Catholic Education. The topics for the 2015-2016 year will include: Lalanne Series, Meet the CCE Staff Series, UCDRC Series, National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools Series, and “Why Catholic Schools?” Series. Each series will be accompanied by posts about topics that relate to Catholic Education and will be written by many different people in order to share their reflections on such topics.

Starting this blog is an exciting journey for us and we hope you will share your ideas and experiences. We hope that you will get to know our CCE family and that you will accept the invitation to be a part of it through this blog and through the programs/events that we offer throughout the year. Please feel welcome to comment on our posts and reflect on the variety of topics so that we might all gain more insight and a better understanding into the world of Catholic Education. We ask that you be respectful of the views and opinions of others so that this can remain a positive environment in which we can raise each other up in the name of our Lord.

Our prayers are with each of you and we would like to ask for your prayers as well. Have a blessed week!

Written by: Victoria Schoen

Edited by: Susan Ferguson, Barbara Miller, and Regina Lloyd 

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