Lalanne Series - Brie Haner

By Victoria Schoen

The first Lalanne teacher that we would like to introduce to you is Brie Haner. Brie is a 22 year old from Louisville, KY. She graduated from Murray State University and is in her first year in the Lalanne program. She belongs to the Dayton Lalanne community and will be teaching at Our Lady of the Rosary school this year. Here are Brie’s responses to the interview questions that she was asked:

What is your favorite subject to teach? Language Arts

What is your favorite subject to learn? Science

What is the one most important thing that you want your students to learn from you or take away from your teaching? I want them to learn that it is ok to make mistakes. That is what school is all about. Once you make a mistake you can try again and eventually you will get there.

Who is your role model? Describe them: My role model would have to be my cousin Lauren. She is so supportive of my goals and ideals. She has such a huge heart and is one of the most honest and dedicated people I have ever met.

How were you inspired to become a teacher? As a freshman in high school I finally realized that I enjoyed going to school. I liked the atmosphere my teachers helped to create in my school environment. I came to the assumption that I wanted to be the teacher who created this environment for her students.

Why did you decide to become a teacher? I wanted to change the lives of students on a regular basis. I wanted to instill in my students the concept that they can achieve anything their heart desires in and out of the classroom.

Why do you want to teach in Catholic schools? I want to teach in a Catholic School in order to reconnect my faith with God and help my students along their faith filled journey in academics and real life.

What are three fun facts about you? 1. I did part of my student teaching experience in Corozal, Belize.   2. I love Harry Potter. 3. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

If you could teach anywhere in the world where would you teach? I would love to teach in Australia!

Now that Brie has told us about herself, let’s hear about her from her fellow Lalanne teachers and the Lalanne program staff:

 “I am looking forward to working with Brie as she begins her first year of teaching! Her energy and friendly spirit will contribute much to the Lalanne community and to her school community as well.”

 “Brie has a great personality and is always ready to make others smile.  I am so excited to get to know her better within the Dayton community this year! #bestiesfortheresties”

 “I hope you can recover from the ending of the OC.”

 “persistent and focused on her goals”

“Brie has the best laugh.”

“Brie is named after cheese. Which is fitting because she is sharp like cheddar and holy like swiss. She is never bleu and when I’m with her things get feta. She is a grate person overall. She is a wonderful teacher and I am confident that she will have a grate year. Her school is blessed to have her.”

“Brie knows how to brighten anyone’s day and is quick to compliment anyone and make them feel special.”

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