Lalanne Series - Cassidy Miller

By Victoria Schoen

Next we would like to welcome Cassidy Miller who is a 22 year old Lalanne teacher from Cincinnati, OH. Cassidy is also a graduate of the University of Dayton in her first year in the Lalanne program. She is a part of the Lansing community and will be teaching at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Charlotte, MI. Here is what Cassidy has to say in response to our questions:

What is your favorite subject to teach? I am a special education teacher, but English and reading are my favorite.

What is your favorite subject to learn? Reading

What is the one most important thing that you want your students to learn from you or take away from your teaching? That it is okay to make mistakes, it is part of learning.  However, it is not okay not to try.

Who is your role model? Describe them: My mom is my role model.  In high school I was embarrassed to be seen with my parents, like a lot of teenagers.  As I got older, though, she became my best friend.  My mom is a truly caring, wonderful, positive person, a woman that I aspire to be.

How were you inspired to become a teacher? Being a teacher is something that I have always had a passion for, since I first walked through the kindergarten doors at St. John of Rochester in New York.  Although, when I was younger I played school constantly.  I had the teacher manuals of textbooks, a map of the world that I could pull down from my chalkboard and my dad’s old school desk.  

Why did you decide to become a teacher? I don’t remember wanting to be anything other than a teacher.  It wasn’t until I went on mission trips to Liberty, KY in high school that I realized special education was for me.  The children and young adults that I worked with truly impacted my life in a way that they will never understand.  There hasn’t been a day since where I have second guessed my decision.

Why do you want to teach in Catholic schools? Having gone to Catholic school since kindergarten they had a big impact on the person I am today.  I received so much from the schools and the communities and I want to be able to give back.

What are three fun facts about you?

1: I am originally from Rochester, New York.

2: Inspirational quotes are one of my favorite things.

3: When considering colleges for undergrad , I didn’t even want to look at the University of Dayton…I fell in love with it the day I toured and can’t imagine having gone to school anywhere else. 

If you could teach anywhere in the world where would you teach? Australia or New Zealand

Let’s hear from others about Cassidy:

 “Cassidy or as I like to call her Cass, has such a sweet personality.  Cass and I were roommates for our summer retreat and bonded with some morning pillow talk!”

 “I feel that many good memories are to continue this summer.”

 “courageous and flexible during the process of Lalanne”

“Cassidy has an infectious smile.”

“Cassidy has a fire in her soul that ignites the world around her. She inspires me daily. I cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes in this first year.”

“Cassidy has a fun loving attitude and brings us all down to earth.”

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