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Lalanne Series - Alison Tortelli

By Victoria Schoen

The next Lalanne teacher we want to introduce to you is Alison Tortelli. Alison is a 22 year old from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of Canisius College in her 1st year of the Lalanne program. She is a member of the Cleveland community and she will be teaching at Metro Catholic School. Here is what Alison responded to our interview questions:

What is your favorite subject to teach: Math

What is your favorite subject to learn: All of them

What is the one most important thing that you want your students to learn from you or take away from your teaching? I want my students to find a passion for a life time of learning. Also I want them to gain motivation and faith with each other and themselves.

Who is your role model? Describe them: My parents are my role models. They have worked their entire lives to let my four siblings and I go to the colleges that we wanted. Also, they have supported every life decision we have made and continue to be our #1 fans.

How were you inspired to become a teacher? I was inspired to be a teacher by the students in the classrooms that I observed. They showed a want and a need for learning that inspired me.

Why did you decide to become a teacher? When I first started college I wanted to go into the school counseling program. In my first semester I also took an introduction to education course which required observations in a classroom. I fell in love with being in a classroom. Every semester of college I had the opportunity to be in a variety of classrooms and those experiences solidified how passionate I felt about being in the classroom.

Why do you want to teach in Catholic schools? I did not go to a Catholic school until I was in college. It was formational for me to be able to express my faith along with my studies. I hope that I can give my students the formational experience and guidance that I was given.

What are three fun facts about you? I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during my junior year of college. My first car was a 1989 ford escort. All of my siblings attended Jesuit universities and we are obsessed with Jesuits.

If you could teach anywhere in the world where would you teach? Jamaica. I have gone on two service trips there and had the opportunity to work in schools. Those trips truly impacted my life and my passion for social justice. I would want to go and give back to the many people and the place that have influenced my life.

Comments about Alison from fellow teachers and the staff of the Lalanne program:

 “Alison and I found a small world connection about people we know that are in common, which was so cool!”

 “I think your last name is so cool.”

 “energetic, enthusiastic, and a truly happy person”

“Alison’s hair is majestic.”

“Alison is Lorde’s doppelganger. She will never be a royal but she will be an amazing teacher.”

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