Sunday August 2, 2015

Lalanne Series - Casey Munn

By Victoria Schoen

Our next Lalanne teacher is Casey Munn. Casey is a 22 year old from Dayton, OH. She attended Saint Louis University and is in her 2nd year in the Lalanne program. Her community is the Indianapolis community where she teaches at Holy Cross Central School. Here are Casey’s answers to the interview questions that we asked:

What is your favorite subject to teach? Science

What is your favorite subject to learn? Social Studies

What is the one most important thing that you want your students to learn from you or take away from your teaching? I want my students to learn to be questioning individuals who can take that question and actually find the answer.

Who is your role model? Describe them: I don't have one individual role model. But there are certain people in my life that I admire and respect. I admire their loving, caring spirits, their kindness and their devotion to whatever it is they do.

How were you inspired to become a teacher? My third grade teacher had us write an essay about what we wanted to be when we grew up and I chose to write about being a teacher...

Why did you decide to become a teacher? I made this decision back in 3rd grade and it was affirmed over and over again that this is my vocation. I thrive in a school environment and I think that all my skill sets work for this profession. I couldn't do any other job that wasn't a service profession because my heart simply wouldn't be in it.

Why do you want to teach in Catholic schools? I think that the students and staff at Catholic schools are wonderful people and create a really supportive learning environment.

What are three fun facts about you? My dog has red hair just like me. I met my boyfriend through Lalanne. I went to Niagara Falls for the first time this summer.

If you could teach anywhere in the world where would you teach? St. Louis, MO

Tell us anything else you would like the readers to know about you: I used to play school in my basement as a kid and actually brought home my school workbooks to use to "teach" my "class".

What do other members of the Lalanne program have to say about Casey?

 “Casey is a real friend as we like to say.  It is so great to know her and be able to count on her giving her honest opinion, always :)”

 “Also one of the best roommates. You make the most delicious smelling food always.”

 “fun-filled and strong young woman”

“Casey’s organization skills are amazing.”

“Casey makes you feel like you can do anything. When I am with her I am invincible. I can literally fly when I am around her.”

“Casey is always giggling.  Her laugh is so contagious and can liven up a room.”

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