Friday September 11, 2015

Lalanne Series - Mary Ann Piper

By Victoria Schoen

This post will give you the opportunity to learn about Mary Ann Piper! Mary Ann is a 23 year old from Atlanta, GA who graduated from UD. She is in her second year in the Lalanne program. Mary Ann will be a teacher at St. Gerard Catholic School in the Lansing community this coming school year. Here is what Mary Ann has to say in response to our questions:

What is your favorite subject to teach? Reading

What is your favorite subject to learn? Literacy methodology

What is the one most important thing that you want your students to learn from you or take away from your teaching? The most important thing that I hope my children learn is that they can do anything as long as they do it with God on their minds and love in their hearts.

How were you inspired to become a teacher? My mom is a Sunday school teacher; she brought the program that she teaches in to the Archdiocese of Atlanta. I started teaching in the program and realized that teaching is what I want to do with my life.

Why did you decide to become a teacher? I love the experience of helping children discover new things and the excitement of when a child grasps a topic that they have been struggling with.

Why do you want to teach in Catholic schools? I believe that only through the incorporation of faith into the curriculum can you help with the development of the whole child.

What are three fun facts about you? I have the first two chapters of Harry Potter memorized, I opened my first classroom at 13, I started swimming at the age of 3.

If you could teach anywhere in the world where would you teach? London, England; Dayton, Ohio; or Florence, Italy

Here are some comments from other members of the Lalanne program about Mary Ann:

“Mary Ann is spontaneous!”

“Mary Ann is always ready to have some fun but is also extremely dedicated to family, friends, and teaching.”

“Mary Ann is so kind and caring, there's nothing fishy about it.”

“Mary Ann is a friend to everyone! She is so friendly, open and gives everyone a listening ear.”

“Mary Ann is a joyful and encouraging community member.”

“Rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages wrapped up with warm woolen mittens. Silver lined ponies, crisp apple strudel, snowflakes that fall on my meatball and noodle, wild things that fly with the moon on their swings, these are a few of Mary Ann’s favorite things. But what this list does not include is teaching. Mary “Mary Ann” Angela Piper really enjoys teaching but what she loves even more is theories of education. She is inspired by Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotksy, and Marie Montessori. She has a bumper sticker on her Subaru that says: “the greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say that children are now working as if I did not exist”. She strives to put these words into action in her own classroom.”


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