Lalanne Program Series Conclusion

By Victoria Schoen

Our first blog series of the year has now ended and we would like to thank the Lalanne teachers for providing us with a closer look into their lives and their sources of inspiration that helped lead them to their callings as teachers.

Throughout the Lalanne Program Series, we created a blog post about each of the Lalanne teachers that are currently in the program so that we could learn about them as well as what other people in the program have to say about them. If you are a reader that has not read these posts yet, I encourage you to go back and read about our lovely teachers that are already making a difference in the world of education! If you are a reader that has already read the posts in that series, I encourage you to go back to them whenever you need some inspiration or humorous stories from a new teacher’s perspective. See if you can answer the interview questions for yourself. Who is your role model? Why do you do what you do? What topics interest you? Even if you are not an educator, I think that we can all benefit from taking a closer look at our own lives including our passions, motivations, and inspirations.

We also encourage everyone to keep an eye out for the start of our next series for the year which will introduce you to the staff of the Center for Catholic Education, including the UD students that are on the blog team for this blog!

The school year is now in full swing for the Lalanne teachers. These teachers are living together in community with one another as they gain teaching experience at a Catholic school in their area. We know that they are each such a blessing to their students because they are a great blessing in the lives of all of us at the CCE as well. We wish them luck this school year and ask that you all keep them in your prayers; that God may give them patience, strength, and the love that they need in order to make a difference in the lives of their students.

Written by: Victoria Schoen

Edited by: Barbara Miller and Emma Francois

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