Thank You Dr. Jim Rigg and Chris Pastura

By Susan Ferguson

Thanks and blessings for the next steps on the journey….

2010 was an exciting year in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as Dr. Jim Rigg was welcomed as the new Director of Educational Services and Superintendent of Catholic Schools.  Upon his arrival he met with many Dayton area Catholic school constituents including those of us on the UD Center for Catholic Education team.  We were grateful for his inclusion of us in his plans and his willingness to serve on the advisory board of Lalanne.  As a graduate of Notre Dame’s ACE Program (which is a member of the University Consortium for Catholic Education along with our Lalanne Program), Dr. Rigg brought a passion for nurturing the journey of teachers committed to service in Catholic schools.  He contributed thoughtful, innovative suggestions to meeting discussions and offered a Superintendent’s perspective to changes considered in programming and services.  We are grateful to Dr. Rigg’s vision for Lalanne and to Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, our closest and cherished partners.

Dr. Rigg brought talented and committed personnel to the Archdiocese including Chris Pastura, Director of School Strategic Planning, Catholic Schools Office, Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Chris often considered Center for Catholic Education team members when devising a new strategy.  Many admired his particular interest in urban Catholic education.

We now know these two committed Catholic educators will be leaving for other Archdioceses and we wish them well in their new roles and cities!  Thanks Jim and Chris for your time and talent offered to the endeavors of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati!

Written by: Susan Ferguson, Director of the Center for Catholic Education

Edited by: Regina Lloyd

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