Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. Here at Dayton, home is on the front porch. Both of these sayings reach a vast number of places that I never even imagined before coming to UD. You can be anywhere within the Marianist community and find a coveted sense of home. As a "first-year" student I've walked the campus, found my rhythm, learned to love the weekend only to realize that means Monday and another set of classes are only two days away, spent late nights studying or trying to and seen the sunset over the dome giving peace to end the day. Somewhere in the midst of all that, I found out where my home is. Home is formed in the presence of God.

Home is where God is which is why our homes are not found in buildings but they are found in the relationships we are able to form. God is in each person, whether we acknowledge it or not. Relationships that slowly build: from bonding over a class, being brought together because of a retreat, or the ones that have been strengthened over a home cooked meal - even if some of us are still working on our cooking abilities - it's the effort that counts. With each new element love fills the room reflecting God's heavenly love for us. A brief glimpse of His desire for His children to live in His love eternally is echoed in the gifts of friendships making us family. The struggles and arguments reflect the human inability to know and love Christ fully. The ability to accept and overcome those struggles witness to the sacrifice of the Cross and Resurrection.

Every night a friend asks "Where did you see God today?". It has become a habit to look back through the events and recall where God was clearly present. Some days it takes no thought at all, others it may take awhile to discover. They push me to recognize the small things Christ does, and 5 out of the 7 days of the week our answers involve other people. Each day I am reminded to live as Christ lived. Even on the days I know were a complete failure, a simple question leads to a deeper discussion about how to strengthen earthly and heavenly relationships. Our first step is to accept the love of The Father and His amazing children.

In the homes and company of our communities, let us never forget that God's arms are opened to say: "Welcome Home."

Written by: Taylor Tovey

Edited by: Barbara Miller and Victoria Schoen

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