Wednesday October 19, 2016

Cristo Rey Reflection 3

By Joe Twiner

Since my work at Cristo Rey this summer, I have been given ample opportunity to reflect on my work, and my future.

If you have not read my other posts, you can find them at the links below the article.

In summary, I worked for the corporate work study program at Cristo Rey Atlanta on a variety of projects. I was able to see both the educational and business sides of the school, which provided me with insight into my future career. The highlight of the summer came at the very end. During my last week of work, the students first week back at school, I was able to teach classes as part of the Business Training Institute (BTI) that teaches the incoming freshmen hard and soft business skills (Excel, answering phones, how to shake hands, etc.). During this week I was given several classes a day to teach, most of the time completely by myself. I loved it! It completely reinforced my calling to be a teacher.

As I sit at my computer writing this wrap up post about my summer working at Cristo Rey, I take a sip of coffee. The mug is a simple white mug with the Cristo Rey Atlanta logo stretching around its surface. I was given this mug as a going away present at the end of the summer. At the time I received the mug, I was told to think of my bosses and coworkers who helped make the summer so amazing, and I do. This mug is a symbol of my time working and learning from an incredible group of professionals. However, it is not just a memento of the past; it is a reminder of my vocation to teach. This reminder, with the help of the coffee inside, fuels me toward my future.


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