Lalanne's Advent Retreat

By Jacinta Mergler

On December 2-4, all 25 Lalanne teachers were together for retreat at the Bergamo Center in Dayton, OH. December is a very busy month for teachers, so having the opportunity to step away from the busy days and be together to reflect and pray was an early Christmas gift! Teachers were challenged to "honor their inner monk," through meditation, discussion and activities around the popular Advent verse: "For You O Lord, my soul in stillness waits. Truly my hope is in you."  The Advent themes of stillness, waiting, and hope were woven into the activities for the weekend. We also celebrated the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

During the final activity of the weekend, Lalanne teachers were given two coffee mugs with the Lalanne logo on the front and "Honor Your Inner Monk" on the back. For their own mug, teachers were asked to share what they were taking away or “filling their mug” with from the weekend. The second mug was to be given to someone else who they feel could benefit from stillness, might be struggling with waiting, or needs to be reminded of hope in a God who is present and loves us. Shared below are some of the retreat reflections from our Lalanne teachers.

One thing I will take home from the weekend is:

“The idea of hopeful waiting and knowing God is working”

“I will be an example of ‘joyful hope.’”

“Being OK with stillness”

“A better understanding of hope”

“Understanding how stillness, waiting and hope are different but also connected”

“Taking time for prayer each day and not rushing through it”

“Less Netflix more quiet time”

“A new sense of understanding of God’s prayer for me”

“The importance of reflection and stillness”

“Patience with God’s timeline”

“I want more one on one time with God”

“Stillness, slowing down”

“A renewed sense of hope and energy”

“Reconciliation is important even if it is scary”

“Continue practicing stillness and listening for God”

“Accepting waiting as part of life and God’s plan”

Edited by Peggy Brun

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