My Summer At Cristo Rey (2)

By Joe Twiner

This week marks a month and a half since the Cristo Rey students left for the summer. Given that the students are on summer vacation and most of the functions of the school are not in effect, I have been considering what to write about for several weeks. Since the students left for summer vacation, I have not stopped working, and neither have many of the dedicated staff members who work throughout the summer.

Growing up, I thought of school only as teachers, students, and the administration. I overlooked the staff who worked year round to ensure that my schools functioned as well as it could. Staff who may not directly impact students every day in classrooms play a pivotal role in children’s education. For these people, their work may not center on teaching, but, like teachers, their number one priority it is still the students. So to all the staff who have helped in my education, and to the countless men and women who work as staff in Catholic education throughout the country and world: thank you.

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My Summer at Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High school educates the underserved youth of Atlanta. This summer I am working as an intern in the corporate work study department of the school. 

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New UD President

On July 1st, the University of Dayton experienced a big change: Dr. Eric Spina officially became the 19th president of UD.


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