Girls 4 God: Faith, Sisterhood, & Female Empowerment

By Danielle Villhard

Girls 4 God was started by Campus Ministry graduate assistant Tinamarie Stolz, because she says she was “too Christian for a feminist group, but too feminist for a Christian group.” With that in mind, a group of women dedicated to combining faith, sisterhood, and female empowerment began meeting each week. Now, six years after the first meeting at Tinamarie’s undergraduate university, a group of women meet here at UD to discuss challenges women face in society and how to combat while staying true to their faith and their sisters and brothers in Christ.

My personal experience with G4G began at the campus activities fair, Up the Orgs, at the beginning of the fall semester. I noticed one of the tables had a mirror on it. Looking into it, I saw myself framed by bright letters that read, “You are beautiful!” Inspired by the mission of G4G, I grabbed a flyer. One week later, a group of friends and I attended our first meeting. Now, a semester and a half later, G4G is consistently one of the best parts of my week. With everything from discussions on modesty and women in the Bible to worship, it is the perfect break from a busy week to relax, feel the presence of God, and build relationship with my fellow G4G sisters.

Here’s what some other G4G ladies have to say about their experiences:

“G4G creates a community where your opinions and your beliefs are heard and mattered. You are accepted for who you are and are encouraged to grow while you seek to understand where others come from.” - Abby

“G4G gave me a safe place to share my faith. The girls there are extremely genuine and are proud to be both  women and daughters of Christ. I love that I can share my own thoughts but also be challenged by new ways of thinking.” - Elyse

Feeling inspired to come to G4G? Come join us every Tuesday in the LTC 092 (ground floor of Roesch Library from 8-9:30 pm! All ladies are welcome!

If you can’t make our weekly gatherings, don’t worry! You can still be a part of G4G by coming on the “Rooted in Christ” Girls 4 God Retreat, March 23-25! "To be a strong woman of God, we need to first be rooted in our God. If we are firmly rooted in our God, there is NOTHING that can shake us." If you need a refresher of your faith, some sisterly love, or just a weekend away from the craziness of college life, register by following the link below.

Edited by Ben Swick
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