Meet the Staff: Emma Grace

What do you do at the Center for Catholic Education? I work on various tasks from all the programs of the CCE. My favorite job, though, is greeting people when they walk in the door.

Describe your family: I am the youngest of three girls, and I absolutely adore it. Having two beautiful role models to look up to is a huge blessing. We’re all very unique and are constantly learning from each other. I wouldn’t have the relationship I have with my sisters were it not for the love that our parents witness to us. I could gush for hours about my parents but I’ll just say they’re probably the cutest, kindest, loveliest people on the whole planet. We have two pugs, Augustine (Gus) and Pax who never fail to fill our lives with joy.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love reading, playing piano and my ukulele, dancing around my room, meeting new people, getting crafty, and watching my favorite TV show, Monk.

Why do you support Catholic education? Well, I wrote a whole blog on it if you feel like reading it! (https://udayton.edu/blogs/cce/2018/18-1-30-celebrating-catholic-schools-week.php) But if you want a summary, I have been exposed to Catholic education nearly my whole life. I don’t believe I would be the young woman I am today had it not been for this immense blessing. I fully believe in the power of learning that is grounded in the love of Christ.

What Catholic education topic are you most passionate about? All of it! If I had to choose one thing it would be the respect and reverence shown to all other cultures, religions, and belief-systems. I also really love the focus on and cultivation of human dignity. (Basically I’m just really passionate about intense expression of divine love).

Why do you look forward to coming to work every day? My “work moms”. They’re awesome.

Who is your role model? I have so many. Do I have to pick one? Okay. Probably Pope John Paul II. He was a pretty cool guy who really knew how to love people. I want my love to change the world like his did.

Tell us three fun facts about you: I hiked the Portuguese Route of the Camino de Santiago. I want to live in a tiny home one day. Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year.

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