My Call Toward Catholic Education

By Kelly Delisio

Heavenly Father,
We thank you for this day and this beautiful world. Thank you for the amazing gifts you give us like food, family, friends, animals, and love. We pray that you protect the military and all those who are sick and hurting. Please give them strength and let them know they are loved. We ask that you help us do the best we can every day so we spread kindness, are good friends, and walk side by side while shining our lights upon the world.”

While this may seem like a prayer that one would find in a devotional, this prayer was actually written by 22 faith-filled 3rd graders. During my time student teaching 3rd grade at Holy Angels School, I have had the opportunity to work with students who love the Lord and who already have strong faith lives at such a young age. Through scripture readings, student-led masses, endless prayers, and more, my students have helped me to realize that I am called to be an educator in a Catholic school.

Over the course of my senior year, I have realized that God’s will for my life is to be a disciple who makes other disciples but feeling lost as to what this meant for my future plans. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher, but I was unsure if I should pursue Catholic or public education. After experiencing the joy that God can bring into a classroom, I know that the best way for me to help make others into disciples is to work with children in a Catholic setting.

This past year, I have grown drastically in my faith. I have a new and aligned heart with the Lord. I have found joy in the simple things and I pray about everything. All of this I owe to my little angels, and I cannot wait to spend more of my time in classrooms doing what I know God is calling me to do.

Edited by Emma Grace Geckle and Lindsey Bronder (1/31/18)

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