Liturgical Ministers in the Church

<p dir="ltr"><span>Liturgical ministers within the Catholic Church play a vital role in the Mass as well as the community of the Church. People can become liturgical ministers at Mass starting at a young age as altar servers and can work their way up to becoming Eucharistic ministers, music ministers, and lectors. This ministry is one that allows all people of all ages to be involved in the Mass in a more personal way.</span></p> <div><span>&amp;#160;</span></div>


Meet the Staff Series - Jacinta Mergler

<p dir="ltr"><span>Jacinta Mergler is the next CCE staff member that we would like to introduce to our readers! Jacinta is the Director of the Lalanne program, and this summer begins her 12th year working for the Center. Her hometown is Louisville, KY and in 1976 she moved to Ohio to go to college. She attended Edgecliff College which is a Catholic College run by the Sisters of Mercy in Cincinnati, OH. Continue reading to find out more about Jacinta...</span></p> <div><span>&amp;#160;</span></div>