Lalanne Series - Alison Tortelli

<p>The next Lalanne teacher we want to introduce to you is Alison Tortelli. Alison is a 22 year old from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of Canisius College in her 1<sup>st</sup> year of the Lalanne program. She is a member of the Cleveland community and she will be teaching at Metro Catholic School. Here is what Alison responded to our interview questions...</p>


Lalanne Series - Casey Munn

<p>Our next Lalanne teacher is Casey Munn. Casey is a 22 year old from Dayton, OH. She attended Saint Louis University and is in her 2<sup>nd</sup> year in the Lalanne program. Her community is the Indianapolis community where she teaches at Holy Cross Central School. Here are Casey&amp;#8217;s answers to the interview questions that we asked...</p>