ACC Open Lecture: “The Status of the US-China Relationship from an Economic Perspective: The Results of the APEC Summit and its Impact on US-China Relations” Jonathan Fritz, Minister-Counselor of Economic Affairs at the U.S. Embassy, Beijing

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On January 21, economic representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing visited UDCI to give a lecture on the relationship between the U.S. and China. They answered many of our questions and addressed misconceptions that the students and faculty had about the international relationship with China. The subjects discussed included, environmental regulations, cultural clashes, and the growing economy of both countries. Both of the countries dominate the global market as the first and second economies in the world, its important as members of the up and coming generation to improve our relation by respecting, understanding and developing our relationship with the Chinese. To close off the event, the ambassadors inspired us with their journey to representing our country overseas and aiding the strong relationship between our two nations. In addition they reassured our decision in traveling abroad for this integrating experience where the international and domestic students learn a lot about each other’s lifestyle and culture, by calling us “young ambassadors” and applauding us for our efforts to become more globally interconnected.

- Vidyaarthi Pugalenthi, Freshman, Marketing

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