Wednesday January 28, 2015

Education Without Borders: Corporate Visits in Shanghai

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We went to Shanghai and had a whole day of corporate tours - the U.S. Consulate Commercial Services, Interbrand and Ford.  The experience was beyond my expectations. The second corporate visit was with Interbrand, a branding and product packaging company.  The presenter shared her experiences being an ex-pat living in Shanghai, and she told us that in the U.S. companies are very open to innovative ideas, where in China, branding is much more about telling a story about the history of the brand and how it came to be. To end the day, we visited Ford China, which for me was the best and most rewarding.  As a student in the MGT 494 class, we hae been tasked with formulating a strategy to help Ford introduce and penetrate into the electric car market in China.  Even though the Chinese government is pushing such an initiative, the demand for electric cars in China is limited.

-Jiazhang Chen, Sophomore, Engineering Technology  

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