Monday April 13, 2015

Explorers Wanted: Hiking Through Yellow Mountain

There is a saying in China that if you haven't been to Huangshan Mountain, you haven't been to China.  Before coming to China, I had never heard of Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, but now that I have been I don't understand why.  Huangshan Mountain, with its many peaks and valleys, has an amazing effect where the clouds seem to roll over the mountain like they are part of a river.  However, in the morning before the sunrises, the mountain is engulfed in clouds so that, as the sun rises, the different parts of the mountain slowly come into view.  It is really amazing to see the sunrise on the top of a mountain.  The views during the day are equally as stunning.  One of the peaks we climbed before reaching the hotel, Begin to Believe Peak, lives up to its name.  When you begin to climb the mountain and reach the Begin to Believe Peak you can start to really see the mountain itself and all of the gorgeous views it offers.  The other peak we climbed, Bright Summit Peak, is the second tallest and offers even more amazing views.  It takes a while to climb all the stairs leading to the top, but once you reach it you realize the hard work is totally worth it.  The peak offers a view of the mountain below and lets you see into the distance above the clouds.  Huangshan Mountain is absolutely gorgeous and is truly a place everyone should visit before they leave China.

-Lauren Schmitz, Sophomore, Civil Engineering

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