Sunday May 24, 2015

The Door Opens More than 7,000 Miles Away: Visiting Nanjing

My favorite trip was to the city of Nanjing, which is a very modern city, but it still has an ancient feel. It is very distinct from cities like Shanghai because there are huge sycamore and hemlock trees running along the streets, making it feel more like a forest than a city full of skyscrapers. During our stay, we were able to visit Nanjing University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in China.  There, I met several students who I still keep in touch with and plan to invite to my house when they come to America to study. One of the interesting places the students of Nanjing University showed us was a bookstore called Librairie Avant-Garde.  To our surprise, it was built underground in an old parking garage and is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. The experience was amazing, but, afterwards, we went to a traditional style market that sold all kinds of food and gifts. After, we took a boat ride through the old canal system. Other excursions we went on in Nanjing included the Ming Emperors Tomb and the Mausoleum of Sun-Yatsen.  These were both beautiful cultural sites. Overall, these sites made Nanjing close to Beijing as the coolest place in China.

David Borth, Senior, Chemical Engineering

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