Sunday June 14, 2015

Making a Few Life-Long Friends Along the Way: Barbeque with Soochow University

On June 14, we had a barbeque with students from Soochow University Business School at Bai Lu Garden, next to Dushu Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park. The weather was perfect – nice sunshine with a gentle breeze. When we arrived at the park, our friends from Soochow University were already there, preparing the food for the barbeque for us. We started off by celebrating Sicheng and Matt’s birthday (two students in the program). Zhang Dong brought two very delicious birthday cakes for them. After that, we did an icebreaker with everyone; we hugged, laughed and got to know our new friends more. In addition, we played a dodge ball game with each other, which was a lot of fun. Members from each team worked together to protect their own ‘Queens’ in the game. After this tiring and tense game, we finally got to the barbeque. It was a little different from what we are used to having in the U.S. – there were Chinese spices on the meat we were barbequing. We had so much food, and it was a great opportunity to interact with local students in Suzhou. In the end, we even had some free ice cream!

Hongwei (Henry) Chen, PhD Student, Electro-Optics

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