Wednesday June 24, 2015

Becoming a Global Citizen: A Reflection

I've stubbed my toe on the Great Wall of China, and, as an American, I think that's one of the coolest sentences I've ever said. I've heard countless friends complain about getting too many emails from the China Institute, but I think a lot of these people have been missing the point. I could not be happier that I took the chance and opportunity to travel across the globe and take classes in China. I got to experience a culture totally different from what I grew up with, eat amazing good, meet fantastic people and go on excursions every weekend that were so wonderful that words would never do them justice. The names of cities like Suzhou, Tongli or Guilin don't mean much when you're in America, but, once you visit these places, you will never forget them.

I am proud to say that I went to China. I'm also ecstatic to have made friends, both Chinese and American, while I studied at the China Institute. I know that these friendships will last me a lifetime. To paraphrase what one of my very good friends said to me in summary of our trip: 'At first, I thought there were many differences between the Chinese and American students. Then, as I got to know people, I came to understand and accept everyone for their differences. As these people became my friends, I realized there is no real difference at all.'

I would recommend studying at the UD China Institute to any student. I honestly believe no better offer will ever come knock at your door.

Amanda Jolly, Senior, International Business Management

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