Friday June 5, 2015

Taking the Step to Change our Lives Forever: A Trip to Guilin

Life at the China Institute is a kind of happy and relaxing journey. this is especially true of the weekend travel that takes place. My favorite trip was to Guilin. Because Guilin is quite far from Suzhou, we needed to take a flight from Shanghai to Guilin. So, in order for us to get the most out of th experience, we started our travels on June 5, which was a Friday. This was the only time that we travelled on a Friday, from what I remember. Guilin is a small city, but it is really beautiful. When we arrived there, it was about eleven in the evening; we decided to walk around in downtown Guilin. There was a kind of different feeling when I stood on the streets of Guilin. Guilin is the gathering places of different Chinese minority ethnicities, including Zhuang, Hui, Miao and Yao ethnicities. Because of this, the feeling of the city was very different compared to other cities I have been to. This was a city filled with warmth and friendly people and lots of culture. When I was young, my grandfather always told me: 'Chinese culture is one of the greatest in the world, we have fifty-six ethnicities, and we have more than 5,000 years of history. What you need to do is inherit, protect and develop it.' At that moment, I fell in love with Guilin.

'The water and mountains in Guilin are the best in the world.' This is an old saying in a poem from the Qing Dynasty. Even though the water in the Li River was not really clear on the day we were there, there was still beauty in the murky water.

I love Guilin.

Jiazhang Chen, Sophomore, Engineering Technology

Guilin is the Asian star in the southwest part of China. There is a poem that says Guilin is the most beautiful city in China because of its unique geographical location. The weather in Guilin is warm but not hot, and it is rich in vegetation. We arrived in Guilin on Friday night. After we checked into the hotel, we couldn't wait to go outside to try to best Guilin food: 'rice noob'. In Guilin, rice noob is a must try. With some soy sauce and specialty dishes of Guilin, rice noob presents a totally different flavor.

On Saturday, we took a cruise on the Li River. Li River is a beautiful river across Guangxi province; there were so many beautiful sceneries on both sides of the river. On this scenic cruise, we enjoyed our lunch and stood on the boy with the wind blowing on our faces; I felt like I really loved this city. In the afternoon, we arrived in Yangshou, a small town of cultural breadth. There are lots of Chinese artists who live in this town to seek out artistic inspiration. Artifacts stores were everywhere. In Yangshou, there are many representations of the modern Chinese art form. We spent the whole night enjoying the town full of people playing music and painting.

On Sunday, we rode bikes to different attractions around Yangshou. It was a lot of fun. The scenery that I had only seen before in movies was right before my eyes. The unique castle terrain and plants in Guilin have a special aesthetic feeling. I love Guilin. This was definitely an unforgettable journey.

Xiao Xu, Freshman, Finance

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